M5 80 lower

Right to Bear Arms and Supply has lower receiver jigs and 80 percent lower receivers for sale with the highest quality and most competitive prices available anywhere else online. We have AR15 lower receiver kits, including the Cerro Forge 80 lower, with options for titanium Cerakote, bead blast finish or anodized coatings.

Our lower receivers give you the option to upgrade your AR15 with a replacement that will last longer and provide fewer maintenance issues than other less durable lower receivers. Our AR15 80 percent lower receivers are not firearms.

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Our AR15 lower receiver kits will ensure that your builds are completed with parts made using precision measurements, providing the exact specifications you need to fit perfectly into your AR15 assembly with easy installation.

Our 80 lowers are available in Daytona with tactical accessories and tactical machining. Buy today or give us a call for more information about our 80 percent lower receivers for sale.

Please note: Some states may not allow you to legally manufacture a firearm without a serial number like the state of NJ. Please be sure to do your due diligence and make sure you are following your state and local laws before attempting to manufacture a firearm.

This is not intended and should not be construed as an advertisement or offer for sale of any of our products to New Jersey residents or any person in New Jersey.

AR15 80 Percent Lower Receivers Right to Bear Arms and Supply has lower receiver jigs and 80 percent lower receivers for sale with the highest quality and most competitive prices available anywhere else online.Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component interface. Receiver fits DPMS pattern components, including magazines and upper receivers. Machined from T6 aluminum, and finished with a matte black hard-coat anodized Mil Type 3 Class 2 finish.

Rear takedown pin detent hole threaded to allow for a set screw to retain the takedown pin. Bolt catch is threaded for a screw pin, so that no roll pin is needed. Integrated trigger guard and selector markings that function with 45, 60 or 90 degree safety selectors.

Accepts Battle Arms Development short throw safety selectorsbut also functions with standard safeties. Learn how to purchase a firearm online. Find an FFL dealer. Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available.

Please note that alerted inventory is on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like a copy of the chat transcript please click "Send Transcript" below. Hello, to begin a chat session with a customer service representative, complete the fields below and click Chat. Live Chat Live Chat. Facebook Instagram. Create an Account Login Create an Account. Cart 0. Schematic ID Number. Click here for price! Add to Cart. Can we ship this to you? Please choose from the available options to purchase an item.

m5 80 lower

Made in the U. Add to Favorites Add to Wish List. Please verify your age! Item is not in stock! Would you like to backorder? Important Information! Would you like to be alerted when the item becomes available again?AR Stripped Uppers. AR Upper Receivers. AR Complete Upper Assembly 6. Low Profile Gas Block for. All of our parts use T6 aircraft-grade aluminum that will stand up to the toughest tests on the range or in the field.

m5 80 lower

We offer 80 percent lowers that are anodized or raw, billet machined from one piece and forged lowers for your AR or AR rifle build. If you prefer classic black, we anodize and hard-coat our lower and uppers for added strength and durability. We also offer 80 lower jigs that can complete dozens of 80 lowers. Jig kits are sold separately or part of a combo.

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Replacement jig kit plates and high end tooling kits can be purchased separately. We strive to put out the highest quality 80 lowers on the market and we stand by our product. If you have any questions about your 80 lower, please contact us!

m5 80 lower

We accept all major credit cards and orders by phone. Keep America Working! Quick View. Rated 4. Rated 5. Accessories Low Profile Gas Block for. Follow Us on instagram. One day flash sale going on now at americanmadetactical.

Raw 80lower and upper fit check before we get after it. Check 'em out at americanmadetactical.Within that, you will find two common aluminum types being used for billet lower receivers. Both are very high strength grades of aluminum. Still, some prefer T6 due to the increased hardness and tensile strength, and our AR Router Jig will make short work of either! There are only a handful of companies in the USA that are responsible for producing the majority of receiver blanks, which are then sold to machine shops and firearms manufacturers for finish machining.

Finally, the quality of the hardcoat anodizing finish can make or break your build.

Best AR-10 Lowers – [2020] Comprehensive Overview

A consistent, deep black finish that will match well with other hardcoat anodized components should be a major consideration. Our lower receivers are precision CNC machined and come with high-strength grade aluminum. Whether you want matched sets for upper-lower assembly or a complete 80 percent lower kits, we bring you superior products that you can always count on for reliable fit and finish. At 5D Tactical, we have been specializing in ARs for many years.

We employ firearms experts with over 40 years of experience, who are happy to answer any of your questions about your next build. We have a complete set for your AR 15 80 percent lower receiver and upper receiver build project.

Toggle navigation.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. If you're new to AR15 80 lowers and want more information regarding our 80 ar lowers and products as well as other products in the industry, check out our 80 Lower guide below the products on this page. If you're looking for other parts or a parts kit, we can help there as well. The receiver or frame is the part of the firearm that can be controlled by the Gun Control Act ofthe same act that ensures your right to manufacture firearms at home.

An AR15 80 lower is a receiver blank that is machined as far as you can without legally becoming a frame or receiver and would then require to be transferred to an FFL.

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A lower parts kit will not even fit in an AR15 80 lower until it has been machined into a complete firearm. The AR15 80 Percent Lower Receiver started it all, this was the first commercially available receiver on the market and had a determination from the ATF saying it was not a firearm.


We lead the way by including a flared magwell, using high quality aluminum products and cnc machined the lower receiver on our milling machine.

Every receiver we manufacture meets our precise quality control standards. For our Lowers we have two options, a billet aluminum option and a Cerro forging like our AR platform.

All of our 80 ar lower products are machined in house on state of the art milling machines. Unlike many of our competitors, we machine the parts in-house, which gives us the ability to offer the most competitive pricing.

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What is a billet or what are billet lowers? A billet is a term for a solid block of metal with no features at all, almost as raw as metal can get. A forging on the other hand is a piece of billet that has been pounded into shape by a die on a forging press. It requires less machining because it has been shaped into a receiver blank, and has the advantage of the metal grains following the shape of the part.

But that really doesn't mean all that much except to your wallet. Forgings offer significant cost savings and no real drawback for the end user. Our AR 80 ar lowers are both offered as forged lowers and billet lowers depending on what your price range is.

Cosmetics aside, there isn't a huge difference between billet aluminum and forged aluminum other than price and freedom of design. With that said, the billet lower receiver does have the advantage of having all sides machined in the milling machine and in some cases allows you to add features like an extremely flared magwell or an ambidextrous bolt catch.Out of Stock.

Unit Weight.

AR-10 & AR-308 80% Lower Receivers and Parts Kits

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Built two different rifles using these lowers along with Aero uppers, both builds came out perfect. Everything went together nicely, the fit, and finish was perfect, couldn't ask for anything better! Very happy with Aero Precision products so far. Nice lower. I bought the set. Lower uses proprietary magazine catch release. Aero or their dealers carry them. I cerrakoted my set. The build came out as good as they get.

Beautiful as with all Aero stuff. I just wanted to post a thank you to the awesome CS there at PA. I've never experienced better. Not even close. Thanks PA. You Rock!!! Assembled perfectly with the aero m5 lpk. Ghost dpms pattern upper fits nice and tight. Great customer service at PA. The lower is great and I can't say enough about the folks at primary arms. This lower was the last part I bought and the first part I recieved.If you're looking for a quality 80 percent lower to build your own AR at home from scratch, you've come to the right place.

We carry a huge selection of rugged, U. First-time builder? Buy your receiver raw and apply your own custom finish, or keep things simple band grab one with a mil-spec, Type III Hardcoat anodized finish already applied.

An 80 lower receiver isn't considered a firearm. That means any machine shop or retailer could sell receiver and frame blanks if they wanted to, but that doesn't mean they are all created equal. That's why it's so important you buy one from a reputable dealer.

AR 10 80% Lower Receivers

A and backed by a Lifetime Warranty. If you find your receiver is defective, we'll replace it. You're building a firearm so we strive to make sure the parts you're buying are safe and functional. Some states require serialization of your lower before completion, so check your local and state laws, too. No matter where you live, buying and owning an unfinished lower requires no FFL transfer, no paperwork, no extra taxes, no special fees, no waiting period, and no government bureaucracy.

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Click "Add to Cart", check out, and your lower's on its way. The jig functions like a miniature work station and requires either a drill press or router.

The jig sets up and orients the lower receiver for you. It also measures everything and it shows you where you need to drill holes and machine raw metal. All you need to do is put your hands on some power tools and let the jig do the rest. Total machining time is usually less than 2 hours. Some jigs get the job done in 15 minutes. Lower receivers are available for the most popular AR calibers! Pick an affordable forged unit for a 5.

Want to build an AR clone? Grab a. Want a pistol caliber? We have the new AR-9 model, too! Add to Cart Add To Wishlist.

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Out of stock. Tools needed 80 lower jig Handheld drill Handheld router or drill press Drill bits included with jig End mill bit included with jig All you need to do is put your hands on some power tools and let the jig do the rest.

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Available in most calibers Lower receivers are available for the most popular AR calibers! View Our Infographic.

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