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Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc to cancel. Here are 12 things you should know about Paarpaan Brahmins of Tamil Nadu.

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These points are transcript prepared by Suthamalli Ganga. If you understand Tamil, you can listen to the video at the end of this post. In short using reservations and quotas the government is doing the same thing to brahmins which it said that they did to others decades back.

This article seems to be more one sided, there are many positive sides of Brahmins and there many areas that needs improvement as well. There are many good things that can be taken from Dravidar kazhagam, but there are equally many negative things about this Dravidar kazhagamthey are wasting their energyin following bashing brahminswhich does not put up any value add if repeated.

Well in that case, per study of human genetics, it has been proved that all human beings come from Africa originally. In conclusion — we are all from Africa- shudras and Brahmins or anyone….

After thought.

What is the origin of the Tamil Brahmins ?

The picture matches my thoughts. Reptilians or Illuminati bloodline? Which ones? Ha ha ha. Its strange, because Hulk is always shown having a great with original-settlers, to all the planets he has traveled to in the marvel comics universe, and hates gods and demi-gods. Correct if i am wrong. Great article btw. It was educational for me.

Thank you. This article is a goldmine. I was looking for something like this for the past few months and now I have hit the jackpot. Thanks for this post. Please keep it up. Message for the Sindhuja. I am from another part of India and have nothing to do with Tamil caste system. Did not matter to any one of us and none of us cared.

For the past 20 years I have been a resident of Chennai and until I have had the most comfortable and uneventful stay here.

I lived in neighborhoods like Alwarpet, Adyar, Madipakkam — each one different from the other in socio-economic sense, but, we as a family never ever had any difficulty in mingling and becoming a part of the neighborhood almost instantly as we moved in. However, onward I suddenly was made a scapegoat and target of the most ugly, vicious and inhuman brahmin politics. After having lived in a residential complex of apartments in a neighborhood called Medavakkam for nine years with no problem at all, I was suddenly faced with this peculiar problem about which I only read in the newspapers.

It was as if a whole population from interior most regions had come en mass to show me their superiority, their feeling of invincibility and their constant search for a target for sadistic pleasure. It was as if they were looking for some game entertainment. What happened to me was completely unprovoked and without any basis or reason.

I suddenly experienced the brahmin motto and practice of Identify, isolate, ostracize and excommunicate. This was the dirtiest game in the world which now needs to be told to the rest of the world.Source: Wikipredia.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. The main motive of making Hindu Rastra to conserve Caste system and Polytheist idolism for future which is mostly made up of only imaginary identities by Brahmins.

With the time they will certify you who is which caste. Crookedness is the main psychological weapon of Vedism. Before BC there was no caste system except Sanskrit spoken clan those composed Rig.

Veda or those crooks who included Purusha Sukta in Rig. Present days less than 15 thousands people only can speak in Sanskrit and recognize their mother-tongue as Sanskrit which is even by trained not as ethnic. Sanskrit is mother of all Indian languages is a fake rumor spread by Vedic promoters.

Buddhism was our first ancient major religion and it is only destroyed by Brahmins. Brahmains are nothing but sociopaths of different linguistic races organized with a common ideology of caste system and themselves as supreme of all castes with a prime inherited profession of priests those officiate polytheist their own created imaginary deities with Sanskrit chants.

They called themselves as Aryan which is even a fake claim like their fake imaginary deities. There is no evidence exist there were a race named Aryans anywhere in the world.

For an example; Punjabi spoken peoples can be found any part of the world. If somebody asks where is your origin then they will point a demography where their spoken clan resides i. Sanskrit is the language that had developed in even recent past may be after destruction of Buddhism in India. If there was a race like Aryans then they must have a demography to support of their linguistic race; and if their language has been destructed then that destructed language should have similarities with this language; but unfortunately there is no language found in any other demography out site of India that is having any similarities to Sanskrit language.

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So its even a fake and imaginary claim by these stupid sociopath class. May be it is intentionally made hidden as a conspiracy with fabricate name to their linguistic race to hide birth place of Buddha.

Sindhu word is from Pali linguistic race and it is popularized in the age of Buddhism in India. Sindhu was not a name but recognized as a name later by Non-Indians origin like Persians and Arabians to a river that is majorly runs in now Pakistan which was a part of ancient India that streams from Himalaya and falls in Arabian sea.

brahmin tamil words

The river streams from Himalaya and that fallen in Arabian sea had not only recognized as river but its Pali linguistic recognition became name as Sindhu. Its was recognized by Europeans as Indus from which India name built. Persian and Arabian were recognized this demography as dwellers of Sindhu i. This demographically social identity had used later as Hindustan, Shindhusthan, Al-Hind, Indosustan or Hindusthan by foreign Invaders those made their kingdom in Indian demography were majorly Muslims.

Perhaps majorly it is coined after Islamic invasion. In an ancient language of Iran, pre-Persian, Hindu meant b lack person.Idhu 'this, this is'. The link verb 'to be' is not used in the present tense. There is no article, definite or indefinite. The final -u in words is pronounced as an unrounded back vowel, something between i and u. Nouns are followed by postpositions like kite 'near', le 'in' or kiizhe 'below'. There are also compound postpostions made up of a postposition plus noun plus postposition like k adi le 'below'.

The verb iruku means 'is' or 'there is'. Nouns are in an oblique form before a preposition. Most nouns have no special oblique form. Many have. Pusthahath is the oblique form of pusthaham.

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Sometimes between the oblique form and the postposition a dummy particle like u or n is placed. Chevar has an oblique form chevath. English words in English spelling are freely used in Braahmik. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Vocabulary [ edit ] Braahmik-English Vocabulary Braahmik English Idhu 'this, this is' meejei, meeszei 'table' naakaali, naarkaali, kasaalei paalu 'chair' jannal, janal paalu 'window' kadhavu 'door' chevar, szevar 'wall' kite 'near' Ul-lae 'in' um 'also' dhaan 'only' kee lae 'under, below' kupai kudai 'waste basket' iruku pres.

Category : Book:Brahmin Tamil. Namespaces Book Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Policies and guidelines Contact us. In other languages Add links. This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Newcomers to Vedic tradition. The basic thesis of these papers is that the Hebrews represent an offshoot of Vedic Brahmins.

It may be instructive to review Shukla's papers as they serve to illustrate the common origin of the Jews and Brahmins. As Shukla's papers are very difficult to obtain both within and outside India, and are virtually out of reach for laypersons, I am reproducing extensive tracts from them for reference purposes. One of Shukla's strong points is the considerable vocabulary shared by Hebrew and Sanskrit. Indeed, M. Shukla has concentrated on providing a large list of of words which are common to Hebrew and Sanskrit.

Thus, he provides the following examples:. Sometimes, the sound 'a' may change to 'ya' and thus, the derivation, 'Asvah' or 'Asuah' may change to 'Yasuah' which is nearer to a Hebrew word, 'Yasuah' salvation It may be mentioned that 'Appa' is a Marathi word. The derivation 'Appa' may further change to 'Abba', which is a Hebrew word Now let us consider the root - word 'Svas'. It may change first to 'Vas' and thence to Bas or 'Bes' which is a Hebrew word though with different meaning, ie.

He also suggests that Surios gave rise to Kurios, or Kur ibid. Describing the process of vowelization, he notes, "the Punjabis would pronounce the words station, putra and Krsna as satation, puttar, and Kishan respectively.

Building upon this, he writes, "the word Joasava may be transformed into Joasaph, from which the derivation of the word Joseph is a simple matter. Thus we can see that the Biblical name Joseph can be derived from an ancient Indian name, jayasva. Continuing in this line, he notes, "Adam. This word seems to have been derived from the Sanskrit word A-dityam, from the Vedic pronunciation of this word as A-ditiam.

In addition, "The meaning of the root-word as in Sanskrit is 'to eat', and 'to enjoy' or 'to be merry'. Hence if we pronounce the term upasana as 'upasana', then it would mean, 'Eating before God', and 'Being merry before God.

Another striking similarity exists with regard to script: "Now, the Hebrew script, like those of Arabic and Kaithi, does not use the word signs to indicate the pronunciation of its consonants.

One of the strongest points for a common Brahmin-Jewish origin is the fact that in both communities have been endogamous priests from the earliest times of their recorded history: "Chosen People of God: It may also be observed in this respect that the Hebrews, as well as their Indian counterparts, Brahmins, consider themselves as the "Chosen People of God". Likewise, the Brahmins have also been a "Community of Priests" since the dawn of their history.

The colonialists were the first to notice the similarity between Brahmins and Jews, namely that Brahma not only corresponds with Abraham, but that his consort Sarasvati corresponds to Sarah.

It may also be mentioned in this respect that while Sarasvati is said to be the daughter of Brahma in accordance with the Indian tradition, her Biblical counterpart, Sarai, has been described as the sister of Abraham. In this context, we would like to remind our readers of a previous discussion of 'Svas', the root-word of the Sanskrit 'svasar' sister which becomes 'Bes' to mean 'daughter' in the Hebrew language. Equally striking is Shukla's derivation of 'Mary' from 'Matri': "the words 'Mary' and 'Mariam' could be derived from a Sanskrit word, matr, meaning 'mother'.

Similarly the Skt. Hence the primary meaning of both the words, 'Adam' and Adityam would be 'earthly one'. Shuklap. Haplology is the name given by Bloomfield to the phenomenon where of the two similar syllables following each other, one is dropped.

The word 'Adityam' will change to 'Adam' under the influence of this rule in the following way:.

brahmin tamil words

It would be interesting to note here that the Sanskrit 'Adityam', represented by the same rule would change to 'Aton':. Shukla also provides certain other etymologies, and repeatedly derives Adam from Adityam, and Mary from Matr Shuklap.

Hence the expression 'Adonay Elohim; becomes equivalent to the Skt. Further, Shukla writes, "It may also be mentioned here that Satarupa, the name of the daughter-wife of Manu, is also one of the names of the daughter-consort of Brahma" Shuklap.

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We know that the Bengali pronounciation of the word Kr.Rise of Empire Your Favorite General. What is the origin of the Tamil Brahmins? Thread starter Augustus04 Start date Apr 9, Tags brahmins hinduism india origin tamil.

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Mar 49 Mumbai,India. Where did the Tamil Brahmins come from? There seems to be mention of Tamil Brahmins or anthnars reading vedas since pre christian era however most Tamil Brahmins seem to have to have migrated later on during the PallavaChola and Vijayanagari kingdoms.

Genetically they closer to north Indian upper and middle castes than to non brahmin Tamils. They also largely look north Indian absent the rather prominent caste markings.

Other Brahmin groups in south India such as the Nambodiris have a lot of origin stories some based on myths and others on historyeven groups like the Sankethis and Kerala Iyers themselves derived from Tamil Brahmins have origin stories. Similarly do the Tamil brahmins have any places of origin that is more specific than just North India?

Aug 2, USA. Augustus04 said:. Last edited: Apr 9, Aupmanyav Ad Honorem. Jun 5, New Delhi, India. Also keep in mind that the foreign Brahmins absorbed local pre-Vedic high priests into their fold.

Brahmin Tamil/Lesson8

Jan 1, uk. They are one among the Aryan group namely Shathriyas, Vysyas. Brahmins are not the native Indians. When the vedic practise spread from north to south Indiathe purohiths migrated further south ward who learnt the dravidian languages and mingled with South Indian culture.

Devdas Ad Honorem. Apr 5, India. Devdas said:. Their Iranian origin is just a fake colonial theories. Brahmins claim their origin from banks of Saraswati river. Their southward migration was caused by two factors, first they were invited by Southern Kings invited them to settle in their kingdom.

Second factors of Brahmins southern migration was escaping from religious persecution during Islamic conquest of North India. Similarly thousands of Gowda Saraswat Brahmins originally from Goa settled in Karnataka and Kerala fleeing from Portuguese inquisition.

Besides, Tamil Brahmins having nothing like North Indian. They are Tamilians by every mean.Its great piece of information. Though we do the Abivadya, during our sandhyavandanam, never knew what we say and why we do. But I would like to point out that, one Gothra, "Bhargava" is missing in your list of Gothras. Sir, Please keep up your good work and keep writing such articles. All this precious knowledge, which has survived for thousands of years must not be lost. Pranams to you. Thank you for the wonderful post.

Could you please share with me the pravaram saptha rishi for Shandilisyaa gothram in samskritam? It is a wonderful service especially in this material world. One of relative is Kapi Gothram.

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Can you please help. My email is "vasusubram gmail. This is high time youngers must come forward to learn so as to keep this material life in normal course. Thank you very much for the wonderful message. I'm wondering if one can recite to their father. Can you please clarify? My husband recites to his father everytime he does a namaskaram. I've not seen it anywhere.

Random thoughts One should not perform namaskaram along with Abhivadaye to their own parents, as the purpose of Abhivadaye is to introduce ourselves and tell the lineage to other person. In this case there is no point of introducing ourselves to the parents. This is what I learnt and want to share with you. For Agastya gotram and eka Rishi what is the abhivadaye mantram. Excellent and simple explanation. I wish during the Upanayanam these details are explained to the children.

Friday, June 16, Abhivadaye. Compiled from different sources by. Krishnaswami, Dr. Each Veda has one or two Suthras. Our name. We have to follow our family traditions. If we are not able to touch, we have to touch the ground before them.

brahmin tamil words

Posted by Raja Thatha at AM.En ei paathundu nikaadhe, pooy on veelei ei chei. Ipo veelei szeia chollaadhengo, szaaptutu thaan szeiven. Adhu ku mun aale szeia maaten. I won't do it before that. This is apparently a conversation in Paalu, as evidenced by the words aakumethrrei and the verb ending -aay.

Aar aakum peeszaradhu? The tag word of address ahnnaa meaning 'elder brother' may not be translated into English as this is an ethnic habit. In vechudatum athe suffix -tum and the interrogative particle a together mean may I keep it down.

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In informal conversation, no equivalent of 'bye', etc. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Solution to Exercise 7 of Lesson 7: Exercise 7.

Konjam irungo, ipo varen. Nienga poongo, pooytu ange okaandh irungo. Exercise 7. Go home. Study for your examination. Aathu ku po. Nie on pariekshei ki padi. Where are you going? Enge poore nie? Come here and read this book. Inge vandhu indha pusthahath ei padi. Don't go to play. Go home straight now. Vehleiaada poohaadhe. Neera aathu ku poo ipo. Text Aar aakum peeszaradhu? Naan dhaan, ahnnaa. O, nie a? Aar o neneichen. Szeri, edhu ku foon pahnninaay? Chummaa thaan, romba naahl aach e on kite peeszi.

Nie chummaa onn um foon pahnna maataay, Ena ku theriaadh a on ei? Szeri, chummaa pahnna lei dhaan. Apo vishayath ei chollu. Ena ku avasaram aa pahnam veendi iruku, anupi tharuve a? Ethrrei veehnam, epo veehnam chollu.

Email le vevaram aa ezhudharen. Aprram anupinaa poorum. Szeri, vechudatum a?

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